Managing our levees


Levee Districts 1 and 9 and Maintenance Area 3 are responsible for operating and maintaining 27 miles of the west Feather River levee in Sutter County.

On July 1, 2022, FRWLFA announced that property owners in Live Oak, Yuba City, and unincorporated Sutter County approved an annual levee operations and maintenance assessment. The assessment will bridge the revenue shortfall necessary to operate and maintain the 27 miles of west Feather River levee.

Click here to see the assessment district boundaries.

With adequate funding, the levees will be prepared to meet a long list of strict state and federal operations & maintenance requirements.  Here is an example list of these requirements:

  • Comply with regulatory permitting and other requirements
  • Participate in State/Federal inspections
  • Maintain habitat areas to State/Federal requirements
  • Remove debris/vegetation (mowing and spraying)
  • Operate, maintain, repair, replace, and rehabilitate
    • Pump stations, ditches, canals & detention basins
    • Piezometers & relief wells
    • Fences, gates & access roads
    • Equipment to complete listed activities
  • Construct erosion control
  • Conduct rodent control
  • Mitigate hazardous conditions (homeless encampments and illegal dumping) and provide security and specialized safety equipment
  • Manage large equipment rentals
  • Patrol levee during warning and flood stages
  • Maintain FEMA accreditation