Assessment 2022


In June 2022, property owners approved the operations and maintenance assessment to support the west Feather River levee system. In accordance with state law, all properties that benefit from the levee protection will be assessed once the FRWLFA Board approves the new assessment district during their July 13, 2022, meeting. However, even if the FRWLFA Board approves the new assessment in July 2022, it won’t appear on property tax bills until fall 2023.  

How are assessments determined?

Properties will receive ongoing flood damage reduction benefits when the levees are successfully operated and maintained. To calculate a fair share cost for each property, a formula is developed based on these factors:

Read the Engineers Report for detailed information on assessment rates and methodology.


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Assessment Appeals

If you have evidence that your assessment is incorrect, or that your property does not benefit from the west Feather River levee system, you may wish to appeal.

The appeal process commences by calling Levee District’s 1&9 General Manager Drew Stressor and providing your full name and parcel number.

Drew Stressor

530. 673.2454